Meet Michael
Michael's musical tenure has been centered around
his passion for the bass and tight vocal harmonies.
1967 was the year he began taking guitar lessons,  
switching to bass in 1973. In 1974 Michael had the
opportunity to perform with a show band on a
major Hawaiian Cruise line but instead he decided
to further his studies receiving a Master of Science
degree in Elementary Ed./Music. Michael has done a
multitude of recordings both as a bass player and as
a singer. He still plays the same Fender Precision
bass he bought in 1972. Michael's music career has
continued virtually uninterrupted for the last 50
years with more than 2,000 performances under his
belt. In addition to "SMASH," Michael is currently
in the popular
K-Gun Band. The K-Gun Band is
truly a family band consisting of Michael, his son,
Chris and brother, David. Please check them out at:
Michael's newest project is a solo act featuring the
songs from Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin,
Please check him out at:
Michael is a published author (with over 40,000
readers) and recently retired from a 25 year career
as a tenured Elementary music teacher.
Michael Keller