"SMASH" and "SMASH"DUO
consists of seasoned, proficient vocalists

and multinstrumentalists providing a fun
listening  experience to your favorite songs
yesterday through today.
A typical evening may also include songs
from: Stevie Ray Vaughan The Rascals; The
Beatles; C.C.R; The Monkees and even Frank
Sinatra and Bobby Darin.  
Our mission is to
provide our listening
audience with a true
re-enactment of the  
songs we perform
using modern
technology to obtain
C.D. Quality sounds
E-Mail: smashband@yahoo.com
(716)440-9805 - (716) 866-1236
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Simply click the image
and type in:
smash duo/trio
enjoyable to
come out and see
you."  R.S.
"You have a
great voice...
you guys sound
love the music
choices too.....
"A+" K.G.
These are the three
words that describe
Smash." M.S.